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If you really enjoying riding your bicycle, yet you are simply unable to engage in this activity as often as you would like due to the uncomfortable posture it requires, then perhaps it is time to consider a recumbent bike.

As you might have figured it out by now, the recumbent bike differs from the traditional upright back version in terms of comfort. As a matter of fact, given the nature of these bikes, it is safe to state there are high chances that even the most sedentary person will “construct” a better workout routine easier, especially since they allow you to adjust the resistance levels to very low or eliminate resistance completely.

However, that is not the only reason why acquiring a recumbent bike is a wise investment and an overall good idea for your wellbeing. Unlike upright models, these bikes come in a special design that lowers the cyclist’s center of gravity and positions his body closer to the ground. Consequentially, the risk of injuries resulted from various distractions is considerably reduced. Furthermore, because the recumbent bikes alter the body posture from upright to a feet-first position, you will also be able to avert injuring yourself from potential falls.

In the light of the aforementioned facts, you might be tempted to believe that recumbent bikes address mostly the sedentary, the obese or people who are less “enthusiastic” about exercise and staying in shape. However, nothing can be further from the truth and the abundance of recumbent bikes ranging from $200 to $3,000 stands proof of that.

This is where www.recumbentbikeplanet.com steps in and lends you a helping hand. While here, you will find numerous reviews of the popular as well as the less known recumbent bike brands, you will also find valuable information regarding the most suitable type of bike, the desirable features, what other customers think about a certain model and other critical data you need to be aware of before purchasing a bike for yourself.