Proform 315 CSX Recumbent Bike

Proform 315 CSX Recumbent Bike

Proform 315 CSX Recumbent Bike

If you’ve ever seen the recumbent exercise bikes in health clubs and gyms, you know these exercise machines are pretty darned impressive. In fact, comparing those high end bikes to the recumbent bikes most people have in their home gyms is like comparing a Rolls Royce to a unicycle. However, there is a recumbent bike called the Proform 315 CSX Recumbent Bike that appears to bring the higher end features of gym quality recumbent bikes to the home gym area. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your cardio workouts, this is a bike you need to take a second look at.

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Virtually Silent Riding

Most of the recumbent bikes that are designed for home use are very loud. They typically have unbalanced flywheels that click, bang and whir non stop while you’re exercising. By way of comparison, the Proform 315 CSX is virtually whisper quiet. The engineers who designed this exercise bike have built in some smart feature and professional grade materials to ensure that you’ll enjoy less banging and clanging and more smooth riding in your home gym.

proform recumbent bikePersonal Training at Home

One fitness expense we’d all like to splurge on is a personal trainer. But with those pros charging a lot of money, most of us will never benefit from their expertise. The Proform 315 CSX may not come with a personal trainer, but it does come with the next best thing – 20 built in exercise routines designed by top personal fitness trainers. With so many workouts to choose from, you can keep your workouts varied and stay focused on reaching your fitness goals. Most other exercise bikes only include a few workouts. This bike is preloaded with all the workouts you’ll need to get in the best shape of your life.

Proform 315 CSX Recumbent Bike Features & Details

  • Recumbent exercise bike with silent magnetic resistance system
  • 16 different resistance levels to choose from.
  • 20 built in personal trainer workouts for workout variety.
  • Smooth digital display shows you distance, speed, time, calories and pulse.
  • Handlebars are simple to adjust.
  • Padded seat with extra lumbar support.
  • Music port for your iPod or MP3 player.

proform 315Customer Reviews

This recumbent exercise bike has been reviewed by over two dozen actual customers, and has earned a very respectable 3.9 star customer satisfaction rating. There were a few people who complained that this bike is a bit difficult to put together. Minor complaints aside, though, this recumbent bike seems to be a real customer pleaser.

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If you want to transform any room of your home into a true fitness area, you’ll find that the Proform 315 CSX Recumbent Bike allows you to have the durability, customization and features of a gym quality recumbent bike at a fraction of the price of those expensive monthly gym memberships.