Recumbent Bike – 5 Considerations To Think Of Before You Buy

recumbent exercise bikeWell, when it comes to selecting a recumbent exercise bike and any other exercise equipment for that matter, you can’t really talk about a “one size fits all” option. In other words, while a certain model might be an excellent choice for some people; for others, that same model might be in the “never buy list”. Still, in spite of the personal preferences and needs, preferred characteristics and features as well as design, a quality recumbent bicycle should include some common traits. Let’s summarize the must-have features of a stationary recumbent bike.

1. Who will be using it?

First off, it is important to determine who exactly is going to use the equipment. If you are buying the bike for yourself and you are the only user, then you have the freedom to select the features according to your own preferences. On the other hand, if the bike is going to be utilized by multiple users, then a good choice to satisfy everyone is a gym quality machine.

2. Resistance

Next off, you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the levels of resistance. In general, cheaper models come with tension belts and few resistance options, whereas medium to high level machines feature magnetic resistance. The top notch recumbent bikes integrate will generally include a push-button magnetic resistance which is a lot smoother, less noisy and integrates preprogrammed rides. On a side note, while difficult, it is not impossible to find a recumbent bike with the aforementioned features for a decent price.

3. Fitting nicely to your body

As a rule of thumb, you should never invest in a stationary recumbent bike without testing it for a couple of minutes first. Simply climb onto the bike and see if your body sits comfortably on it. If it is possible, try a similar machine at your local gym and determine whether you can exercise without feeling any strain during the training. Because most recumbent bikes come with adjustment options, this is also a perfect time to establish if you are pleased with how they work.

4. Power options

There are two types of power options to consider, namely the machines that work on electricity and those with power generated by the pedaling motion. Evidently, the recumbent bikes that need to be plugged it might result in a hefty electricity bill if you forget to unplug it after your workout session. However, their pedaling motion counterparts have the setback of losing the data once you are done with your training.

5. Additional features

If you find a suitable model that matches your desired features, then the last step implies analyzing the additional options. We recommend to check out recumbent exercise bike reviews to compare different models. While it might appeal redundant to look for a recumbent bike that can support your iPod or MP3, it is necessary to mention that these little details make all the difference between a boring and a fun workout.

In addition, if you intend to start a regular training routine with the bicycle, then you will want to know your progress. Therefore, search for a model that features a utility that records and keeps track of the data associated with your workouts.